Second property/account

Hi all. Firstly please note that I am 61 years old and not very IT savvy.
I have Ring products at home and they work fine through WiFi.
However, I also have a second premises that i use for storage. At the moment there is no mains power and no Internet in place…
I have a spare cellphone with a high capacity GB data sim account and a high capacity solar assisted power bank to power it and these items I hope can be used in lieu of WiFi…QUESTION Can I use the phone in conjunction with a (battery) Ring camera , and if so , how could I view images remotely on my own regular smartphone ? Do i need a second Ring account and email address etc…
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi @user23003. Ring Doorbells and Cameras require a stable internet connection, so mobile hotspots are not recommended as they do not provide a stable connection like a router and modem will. This setup would work better if you’re able to get a stable internet connection in place at the second location. If you do, you can have multiple locations in the same Ring app under the same Ring account. I hope this helps clear things up.