Screeching Audio Feedback from Chime accessory


I have had my Ring 2 doorbell and internal Chime accessory up and running for 2 weeks now and very happy, However…I have started to get bad feedback from the internal chime plug in over the last 2 days!!! It’s completely intermittent and seems to happen every now and then if I walk near the unit (no mobile or metal involved!!) As I say, completely random and intermittent, may not happen for hours then will screech.

Any advice greatly appreciated?

Hi @NaiNolaf. This is definitely odd and would concern me as well! Could you try testing out if this happens in other locations in the home? If you don’t mind, try plugging the Chime into different areas or levels of the home to see if you get this feedback elsewhere. In the event you continue to get this feedback, please try resetting the Chime by pressing and holding the button (if you see a hole, find a paperclip or pin to press and hold down) for 30 seconds, while the device is plugged in. From there, monitor the device to see if the screeching continues! :slight_smile: