Schlage connect lock

I just bought schlage connect lock. I have it hooked up to my ring app. Through the app i wanted to setup a guest user and create an acess code for the lock as well as the alarm system. It allows me through the app to create the code for the alarm but will not let me create a code for the door lock. Any suggestions appreciated. “It will say cannot sync this lock because a ring alarm acess code was never created. Create acess code and this will give u acess to the lock””. I created a code and it will not allow me to slide the button over for the door lock and save it

Hi @Jeudy. You can find more information on sharing PIN codes for the locks that work with Ring as well as for the Ring Alarm itself in our Help Center Article here. The steps in there should help you get this sorted out. I would also recommend removing the Guest or Shared User and trying the process again if you are receiving any type of error message. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: