Scheduling Zones

Is it possible to set different motion zones on different time schedules? For example… Could I configure Zone A to record all motion, but Zone B to be disabled between a certain time period?


This surely must be a simple feature to create? It would help me so much and make the the ring devices even smarter, as my neighbours and I share a driveway, so during the day I want that zone turned off otherwise I would get a lot of unwanted motion alerts, but at night, it would be great if the motion zone would authomatically turn on?

This would be great, as I have to modify the zones every evening and morning

I joined to add this suggestion but see that it is here already. Say I’m planning on adding a camera to watch the front of the house (driveway, sidewalk, road). It would be nice to set minimal zones for those areas during the day while it is busy. However, during the night (specifically when the neighborhood has been experiencing higher crime rates 3AM - 5 AM) it would be nice to expand those zones to pick up all motion. I know this could probably be done by snoozing motion in the zones, but I’d like to be able to add Day Time zones, Evening zones, and maybe High Alert zones for those times I want to specify. This way the batteries won’t be draining with all day time activity. Once I like the location of the battery powered camera, I may purchase a hard wired camera since I will know what the view looks like already.