Scheduling / Routines for Zwave Devices

Here’s the story:

  • Have base station and light bridge installed and working.

  • Have a zwave light switch to an existing front walk light installed and enrolled with the base station. Ring app can turn on and turn off the exiting decorative porch lights outside.

  • Have a Schlage lock installed and enrolled with the base station. Ring app can lock and unlock the door.

Although I thought I carefully asked Ring Support before I purchased, it appears that I CANNOT put my zwave lightswitch onto a schedule like the Ring smart lighting through the bridge. I just want the lights to come on at dusk and go off at 10:00pm.

Is there anything that CAN?

I would also like an interior light to come on after dusk and when someone unlocks the front door. These seem like really simple routines and schedules. I’m not sure WHAT can be done with all of these “works with Ring” products… it seems a little pointless.

I tried IFTTT, but there are “no services available” with Ring devices, even though I can log in and authorize my Ring account.

Are there any other options to schedule an existing light that is NOT a Ring product?

Hi @JosephBaxter. Works With Ring devices are third-party devices that can be added to the Ring app and offer basic functionality. In the case of a Z-Wave light switch, that basic functionality would include turning the switch on and off via the Ring app. Other features, such as Light Grouping and Light Scheduling, would not apply to these Works With Ring devices, as they are not connected to the Ring Bridge. You can learn some more basic information on Works With Ring devices here. I hope this helps clear things up.

No, you didn’t answer my main question. I asked what other options I had to get the basic functionality I expected. IFTTT doesn’t seem to be an option with Ring. So what else can I do?

As I posted, I already knew about the lack of basic scheduling and routines for included devices. My frustration is that the sales pages of the website does not make ANY MENTION of that. This leads one to believe that scheduling, which I would argue IS basic functionality, should be part of it.

Again, what’s the point if not?

Why would I want to enroll a light switch if NOT to add to a lighting schedule or routine. Why would I NOT want to turn on an interior light after I unlock the front door which disables the alarm? Why would I NOT want to turn on the porch light if a camera captures a motion alert?

These are really basic expectations of any Zwave hub.

@JosephBaxter While some API integrations like IFTTT and SmartThings have limited functionality with Ring, we do not officially support these integrations. As such, the capabilities of these integrations with Ring will vary greatly. As for Works With Ring devices, I’m not sure which one you have, but we do list the available features for each device we sell on You can see an example of this here. In any case, feedback is always appreciated.

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