Scheduling is missing some real intelligence!

I waited impatiently it seems like forever to get the scheduling pushed to my app. You would think with all of the “testing” it would be a more finished product. It is certainly not. I scheduled my first “Arm Home” schedule in case someone forgot to arm the system. This is a GREAT idea! I have a household of people who seem to forget everything and plan nothing. They are family; so what can you do? As I created my fist EVER schedule… I hoped as I did so that Ring engineers would have thought to check the state of the Ring security system, before making a change. No. They did not even think of the first thought that popped into my head when I planned to use a schedule for the very first time. Seems like a simple thing to me really. If the system is ARMED already do not change the ARMED STATE unless the program states to do so upon creation. Same for a DISARMED state. You really do not want to be on vacation with your house set to ARMED AWAY and your schedule arms HOME or even worse DISARMS. You also want to disarm a system on a schedule (normally) and you should have an option to make an arm and disarm schedule that a MANUAL setting of Arm home or AWAY “pauses the schedule”. Simple really. If I schedule it, it follows the schedule UNLESS it is manually set to a specific setting. Armed (any state) or disarmed manually the schedule is not followed (paused) until it is “unpaused”. I would even send a notification to question this 1 minute before the schedule makes the change and ask to allow or not (pause the schedule or “play” it). But hey… that is me. So, I have a dumb scheduler that I have to turn on and off or just manually do everything to match my usage. It could be so much better than this? I have no idea why beta took so long if it is such a basic feature that has no logic to it at all. !!!

Guys, seriously. You could really do better than this.