Scheduling Floodlight Trigger

First, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to finally see the new ability this week to keep my floodlight cam’s lights from coming on at night in the recent firmware/client updates! This is great when you want to avoid irritating the neighbors that might trigger things.

Next, I realize there’s a LOT of discussions on here regarding scheduling – from having a schedule for turning the lights on themselves (independent of motion) or not having the doorbell working during certain hours but what I didn’t see was the ability to schedule a time block when the floodlight cams would let their motion triggers function as-designed and keep them off the rest of the time – effectively an “advanced” version of the new switchability funciton.

The switch is great to avoid annoying my neighbors but having the ability to have it function normally (with the light) say after midnight or 1am, when nobody should be out and disable at some point in the morning (say 5am) to avoid annoying the early morning telecommuters, would be perfect to balance anti-annoyance versus security. Please add to the wish jar and if it’s in planning, would be great to know to watch for it! :slight_smile:

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