Schedules to lock or unlock z-wave smartlocks

A suggestion for a new feature on the Ring App.

One of the best features of my previous alarm system (Vivint) was the ability to set activity schedules for Z-wave devices. I never had to worry if the lamps were turned off or if the door was locked at night.

I would love to setup my Kwickset Smartlock 910 to do this in the Ring Alarm app. I know it can be done manually, but what good is all this home automation if it’s not automated?

I do this currently with an Alexa routine.

I’m refreshing this thread. Need to have a better way to manage and control Z-wave devices like locks and light switches. C’mon Ring, you’ve got a good product, let’s make it more user friendly.

The schedule feature that already exists should be extended to anything with a lock/unlock or on/off binary function.
This would allow people to lock their doors at night for safety.
This would allow people to turn on a plug or switch for a light. You have to admit it’s not intuitive to turn on a switch currently in the app.
This would allow people to enable a mode at a specific time.

On a previous system, I could program my two yale deadbolt door locks to automatically lock at a certain time each evening (before arming the system on a different program later). This programming was built into my previous security system provider’s software. Is this in the works with Ring? I don’t see very many options for programming the door locks except for them working on the modes (arm away, arm stay, etc…)

We need the ability to set schedules for locking/unlocking smart door locks. For example, it is a common option with other systems to be able to schedule all doors to be locked at 10pm. This could work similar to smart lights.

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Upping this thread since this is such a low hanging fruit to add.

Agreed - my current Vera Edge can sense an unlock on my kwikset 888 and automatically relock it in 10 minutes if I forget to. I can also schedule one or more lock times. Problem is, I hate that Vera Edge, and I would love to move off that platform. It would be awesome if Ring/Alex could do that.

Voted. Agreed. I just tried to schedule my z-wave lock for evening automation locks.

All you need to do is set up an Alexa routine to do this. I have been doing it for years.