Scheduled motion detection

Pathlight: Would like the ability to disable motion dection on a schedule and/or Alexa routine as some of my pathlights are only concerned about activity at night but not during daylight hours. A dusk to dawn option to disable detection would be nice for my use case.

Currently the only option is to manually disable dection which defeats the reason for having automated systems.

Absence of this feature is a showstopper to buying another ring camera. Can you give a timeline on if/when this will be available?

I agree that this is a key feature request - please add!

I do not want my internal cameras on and alerting me during the day - but once everyone has gone to bed, I would like them to switch on - just the ability to schedule the ‘away’ profile between 1 am and 6 am would be perfect.

The fact is, they’ve missed the boat. It’s not just about the cameras. Just like Amazon Blink misses the boat. It’s 2023 and they keep adding more bells and whistles to the sofware except the biggest thing it needs.

It’s apparent that this company does not test or get fast feedback while developing software with real users or else this would be here by now for all of their products.

The basic use case that every customer needs for any of their devices, all of their devices is simply not there: Scheduling Motion Alerts ability across ALL their devices.

This week I installed the Ring Security System. Realized after talking to support and the obvious missing behavior in the app that you cannot schedule motion detection on any of the devices that come with it. So the Home Security system is completely useless to me because the whole point of me trying another system was that the software would allow me to finally schedule this stuff.

I read wrong in the reviews on Amazon. People talked about scheduling but what they were really talking about in lemans terms was being able to schedule the police and fire functionality on a schedule. Scheduling Alarms for “Modes”. And Blink is confusing because it doesn’t explain what that means in their software. You think you’re also including scheduling across all devices for alerts and you aren’t. Modes and Alerts are two different things and you can’t schedule alert behavior.

Instead, I’m still stuck with the scenario that my kids or wife wake up before me, triggering our motion sensors, our door sensors and it completely wakes me up way too early because of that. Worse, you have to go into the app and MANUALLY shut off the motion one by one. And worse, to do that, that takes many taps. Either way having to be woken up or do this manually every time, is utterly ridiculous and you wonder how this stuff even sells for Ring. How does anyone feel that’s just fine, having to manually tell your devices to shut up when they should be on a schedule, done, and forget about it.

With that, I completely tried to turn off alerts on the motion detector. Says it’s disabled but the stupid thing keeps alerting the Ring Security Base…making noise.

I’m returning the Ring Security System. I’m getting out of the Ring line of products. I’ll keep my ring Doorbell and my new Ring Spotlight cam because I can schedule the Cam and the Ring doorbell works well. But if I will no longer try other products from them going forward.

It’s of no use if I have to be interrupted during the day or too early in the day when I’m not awake yet. It’s a shame, the rest of the product is great. How they neglect this is beyond me. How they are keeping sales up is beyond me. I can guarantee you they are losing potential or even existing customers once people try to extend their ring collection to realize you can’t schedule half the devices you have.

This review is also going on Amazon ASAP, this is ridiculous.

and it’s not just turning them off, having to do that manually is just ridiculous in this day and age. Kasa allows you to do that to ANY of their devices.

Completely agree with all the comments regarding the ability to schedule motion detection. It is curious that no one from Ring has commented on why this hasn’t been done yet since this has been a request from many users for several years. Is it not technically feasible? If it can be done for motion alerts it should be doable for motion detection.

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2024 and this still isn’t a thing, unbelievable!

I simply need one smaller motion zone during the day, and a different larger motion zone at night.

Been in the Ring ecosystem for about 5 years, several cameras and paying premium subscription every year. Over $1,500 deep in the Ring platform and had to buy a cheap $50 camera from China to get the job done that Ring can’t do.

I feel trapped in the Ring platform, thus everyone who asks about cameras I tell them… DON’T GET RING.

This is costing Ring a ton of money, do you want me to write the code for you to make this work?

Adding my vote and 2 cents here. How hard can this be? Especially for Ring Lighting. I’m sure some folks would appreciate the option with the cameras, but I need it for lighting. I have some lights in higher traffic areas that I end up having to replace the batteries because they constantly detect motion during the daytime. I have solar panels on the floodlights, and the Pathlights have built in solar. But being winter in Minneapolis we are not getting a lot of daylight so they struggle to stay charged. Then you add in the extreme cold we’ve had recently and the batteries drain even faster and struggle to charge.

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Same issue here, I have a wired floodlight (no camera) but only want the motion detection to turn the light on during a certain time period overnight. Currently the only scheduling feature is to have the light stay on steady at certain times. I believe Ring has a “negative light schedule” on some of there other products which appears to be what I need on the wired floodlight.