Scheduled motion detection

Ring spotlight camera battery.

To save battery power I went through the advanced motion settings and added motion schedules so the camera wouldn’t be used as much thus saving battery. I found out after that motion schedules only stop the notifications after a triggered event but still logs motion events so saves no battery at all. The idea I would like to see is actual motion schedules where the cameras are basically turned on and off on customiseable schedules so people with battery cameras aren’t wasting battery logging videos of themselves going to work at the same time every morning or putting out the rubbish in the morning etc. etc.

I am aware that there are modes that can be customised but they require you to manually get out your phone, open the app and change modes over making it harder than having motion detection on a pre programmed schedule.

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Yes! We need this for all camera but especially for battery powered devices. I use ring at my business. We have high traffic from 7am to 6pm. I have motion notifications turned off via schedule for those times but my batteries go dead very quickly since the cameras still detect and record motion. Its very tedious to manually turn off the motion detection on all of my cameras and make sure I turn it back on every single day.