Scheduled enabling of home/away mode

Would be great to have a feature to schedule auto home/away to be turned on every day at a certain time, for example 11pm every day since I sometimes forget to turn on the alarm


Indeed a real must also from ring doorbell. Specifically to automatically enable alarm mode at night !!

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I agree there should be a schedule feature, however this can be done through a routine in the alexa app. If you create a routine at a scheduled time ex. 11pm, when you click on “add action” scroll all the way at the bottom there’s an option for “custom” where you can type things you would normally say to alexa , just type “arm ring”

Every day at 11pm the routine will tell alexa to arm ring as if you said it. This automatically puts it in home mode if you want away mode type “arm ring in away mode”

Hope this helps

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This should really have been implementated by now, as i am sure that everyone would want to use this directly in the Ring app, and sleep safely at night knowing that the alarm has been automtically set.

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Yes agree RussDW. Haven’t been waiting for years, hence I now posted it. All major serious players in this field has it.

The auto arming “home” at a set time would be great. I have a work around set up but it doesn’t always work.

Please add this feature directly into ring. Could not believe it was not available!!! This cannot be hard to do four amazon / ring.

I cannot believe that Ring does not yet support such a simple concept as setting/disabling the alarm on a schedule.

Come on…

I agree , I’ve been using a routine through alexa that has been working great. One benefit is I set it up to arm my system at multiple times during the night like every 2 hours. I do this because I have dogs and often have to get up to let them out so this re arms the system if I forget to. Even if ring had a schedule if may not have the functionality to do that so.ill likely still use this work around even if they do add it.

Unbelievable this feature is missing. I wanted to replace my 8+ year old Gigaset Alarm system and this is having the feature included since day one.

I had this feature in my old security system and it is missing in Ring. I hope they add it ASAP. This is a must have feature

This feature needs to happen (please!) seemingly basic expectation - not possible by IFTTT either :frowning:

110% agree here. Need to be able to arm/disarm on a schedule. This is basic alarm functionality.

This feature is needed. Used a schedule on the 10 year old ADT interface to arm our Alarm every night. I am surprised this is not a standard feature.

Please build this feature in

Agreed! I always forget to change the mode to “away” in the morning. Would be great to be able to schedule it so that it automatically does it.

Ring, we really need a way to schedule the alarm to Home, Away or Disarmed. This will avoid the “I forgot to arm it” before going to bed, work, etc. Having a timer count down during automatic arming would be ideal. Thank you.

Every alarm system I’ve ever used had this feature (Auto Arm @ time).

Not only is it a security concern that there is no backup protection if you forget. It is total ignorance on Ring’s part not to include it, not that they care.

This has been asked for since I have owned the system. Just give me access to the code and I’ll code it for you.

Has there been an update to this? I was thinking of buying some Rings for my daughter but might just go Blink. They already have this feature. Frustrating that I have not seen any response from ring on this.