Scheduled Device Reboot

It is so convenient that Ring added the ability to reboot devices from the app. I have an eero extender right on the outside wall of my house close to the outdoor cameras and a couple of times a week one or more of the cameras connect to the base station instead, which is much further away and has a weak signal. According to eero support, the solution to this is to disconnect the device from wifi and reconnect (reboot.) It would be great if I could specify on a per device basis to automatically reboot daily or weekly at a time I specify. I don’t need to reboot all devices, just the outdoor cameras in that area.

I just found this thread, after googling to see if it was possible to do a scheduled reboot of the ring devices, like you can do with many routers. Hopefully ring adds this ability, at some point soon. I have the same issue, where my cameras sporadically connect to the main router, which is further away, instead of the closest mesh extender. This feature would be great, and save me time in not having to manually reboot each camera, every time they do this.

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