Schedule for motion activated lights

Please create the ability to schedule the motion activated lights on the wired floodlight cam.

Neighbors don’t want bugs and cats to cause the light to shine in their windows in the middle of the night.

For linked devices such as a battery floodlight or a pathlight there is a setting “when can these lights be activated by motion.” I’ve now enabled this setting to not turn on the linked floodlight during certain hours.

Please provide this ability for the wired floodlight cam itself.

I discovered that a bug in my shed has been causing my linked wired floodlight to shine at the neighbors in the middle of the night. I’m sure it is why their normal switched exterior light has been left on 24/7 for 2 weeks!

Yes! For me, I use the floodlight motion detector to turn on path lights, but don’t want the full obnoxious floodlight until late, in case we’re entertaining or I’m just walking around the garden at night. It’d be awesome if I could only enable motion floodlight after 11p or so

Hi there, neighbors! We’ve recently updated our Camera light schedules. Check out our Community post and let us know if this fits your request. Thank you!

I wonder how practical the light schedule will be for the battery spotlight cams. Having the light on, per the article, from dusk to dawn will certainly drain the battery very quickly, beyond perhaps the ability of even the optional solar panel to recharge during the day.

What I really want to see is the spotlight of spotlight battery cam to actually come on at night with motion (as selected in the app) even if you have a porch light on by the cam. The spotlight will NOT come on and this is a serious deficiency as many folks have porchlights they like to leave on AND it is impractical to expect customers to necessarily mount the cameras in a completely dark location so the spotlight actually comes on with motion. Please work on this Ring. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to trying this scheduling; any idea when it will fully roll out? I’m on Android

Got the update, just what I needed, thank you! Now if only I could disable the infrared on the floodlight cam (it’s too close to a wall so the wall is bright while the path I care about is black)

I have a camera with the motion detection lights too. I’d like to be able to schedule them to turn on for 30 seconds at different times throughout the night. I don’t want them on the whole time from dawn to dusk. Right now I only see the option to turn the light off from dusk to dawn in the device scheduling.