Schedule for Chime and Chime Pro

It is such a basic feature to schedule audible chimes and the night light in the Ring Chime, and that this feature request has been open for two years, that it makes you wonder how solid the Ring is as a business unit or whether they care …

And if you think about it and look around just a bit, there are less expensive options out there from other reputable companies.


Anyone with a baby or small kids will understand the need for this feature.
When you get a delivery and you finally managed that the kiddo sleeps, the last thing you need is a delivery that awakes up the kid. Doing the mute manually everytime, is not really helping, because you can forget this.


I notice this feature has been asked for for years but the thread keeps being closed without anything happening; not even a reason why it can’t be done! So, to keep it alive for the moment… BUMP!


This right here. Ridiculous that it’s been open this long, just add a simple schedule already…


idk what’s worse, that this has been open 3.5 years with no movement or that staff doesn’t even engage on the topic

even ring’s little brother which is supposed to be the crappier one has this feature

monthly fee goes to the ether


Worst part about a small company being acquired by a large company… customer service goes straight down the drain. Loved Ring before the acquisition, nothing but a pain since the flip.
@ Dev Teams + Leadership… since we know you’re not going to please your customers by adding the features that have been in the request queue for YEARS, how about you at least acknowledge receipt of these requests and lie to us about getting them done like every other large company does to shut up their customers.
It would be nice for you to at least pretend like you’re using our $ to do some actual R&D.


Still waiting for this feature…


Please please please

How hard can it be to setup a schedule for the doorbell chime?

So we can switch off automatically at night time
As we have multi chimes

Please do something for us



Can’t see why there isn’t a feature for this. Ridiculous that I have to use a smart plug to power down my chime so the dog doesn’t get bothered when the mail comes.


It seems like Ring has these “feature request” boards, just to appease people. I have yet to see any requests for useful or even common sense features implemented. They simply ignore their customers.


This is something I would really like as well.


How is this still not a feature? It’s been requested for years by multiple people.

I dont want to be woken in the night/early morning if someone rings my doorbell.

I don’t want to open the app every night to snooze for x hours. I should be able to set a schedule to either snooze for x hours from this time, or snooze between x & y time daily.

(Added bonus to also turn the volume down on the doorbell itself but given how little this request has moved on I don’t hold my breath)


Please please please add a schedule so we can choose times for the chime to snooze automatically. Idiots ringing my doorbell during the night and waking up the house would so easily be avoided with this simple feature.

Ring, please show us that you care about user experience :pray: users have been asking for this for years now.

^midnight jokers

I like this tip to use a smart plug to kill the chime during the night - not that we should need to hack workarounds!

I am also amazed that such a simple feature request that people are still requesting 4 years later hasn’t been addressed or even answered. Apparently if your feature request doesn’t generate revenue for Ring then they don’t care. They must be too busy jumping on the AI bandwagon creating some chatbot nobody asked for.

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This was a feature request 4 years ago. I guess it’s not going to happen.

Why don’t Ring allow users to schedule their chime?, its seems to be requested regulary, either for kids bedtimes, or in our case, we have a Ring doorbell on our front gate, and want to able to disable the chimes at night to stop random passers by ring our door bell and waking. Should be a simple enough fix.

Please add schedules to the chime, it’s annoying getting motion or doorbell alerts during the night, more options for adding schedules for things please. Paying a subscription for a limited service, may have to consider switching to another doorbell/alarm service.

How has this still not been done? This thread is 4 years old.