Schedule for Chime and Chime Pro

It is such a basic feature to schedule audible chimes and the night light in the Ring Chime, and that this feature request has been open for two years, that it makes you wonder how solid the Ring is as a business unit or whether they care …

And if you think about it and look around just a bit, there are less expensive options out there from other reputable companies.

Anyone with a baby or small kids will understand the need for this feature.
When you get a delivery and you finally managed that the kiddo sleeps, the last thing you need is a delivery that awakes up the kid. Doing the mute manually everytime, is not really helping, because you can forget this.

I notice this feature has been asked for for years but the thread keeps being closed without anything happening; not even a reason why it can’t be done! So, to keep it alive for the moment… BUMP!

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This right here. Ridiculous that it’s been open this long, just add a simple schedule already…

idk what’s worse, that this has been open 3.5 years with no movement or that staff doesn’t even engage on the topic

even ring’s little brother which is supposed to be the crappier one has this feature

monthly fee goes to the ether