Schedule for Chime and Chime Pro

I totally agree about this. We have little ones that we put to bed around 7 but often we are getting packages delivered until 9 or 10. It would be really useful to turn schedule the door chime to be turned off for a specific time of day

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There are so many threads about this. Let’s bump them ALL.

You have simply got to get round to adding a scheduled snooze feature!

This was requested as long ago as 2019. There are at least four similar requests.

I have caused chaos tonight upsetting an elderly parent (with two broken ribs) by unloading the car while he was in bed.

At night, the downstairs Chime (elderly parent with broken ribs) doesn’t need to warn of motion at the door (nor does the upstairs (elderly other parent) come to that). However, the main PC which controls it (me, the carer) is happy to have the alert - it has to be that distinct, and not just a blanket setting affecting everything.

Please add this feature. It is difficult to understand why it isn’t already available.

Please add schedules for chime devices. I have a chime as a back yard notification device. I want it to alarm when house alarm is activated and motion or door bell is activated, but not at night….

We should have the ability to set the chime pro on a daily schedule to not have the sound turn on. For example, setting it at a certain time at night to not notify you of a doorbell ring or during the day when an infant is sleeping during a nap at a certain time daily.

I would also like this feature on the regular chime!

I’d like to silence chimes on a schedule while sleeping. Events should continue to be recorded, but silently.

100%. We have a young baby and he has a sleep routine every day. It makes so much sense to be able to set a chime schedule so it doesn’t ring at certain times.
Please build this!! I’d pay the premium subscription for this without a doubt

I’ve been suggesting this for years.

Is it really too much to implement a scheduled chime snooze feature? for example Monday to Friday 10pm - 8am, people have been asking for this feature since 2019.

If you live in an area where it’s likely someone will ring your doorbell in the night, the one night you forget to snooze the chime is a nights sleep ruined.

You can do so much with the ring app I find it crazy this simple feature available on pretty much all other video doorbells has been omitted.

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It would be very helpful if I could schedule in the Ring app to snooze Ring Chime Pro on a repetitive basis- like my daughters naptime 12-2 pm daily.

We should be able to schedule times of the day that the Ring chime doorbell does not ring. During the day we need to hear the doorbell on the 2nd floor. At night we don’t need to be woken up. I shouldn’t have to go in every day to snooze. It’s really basic functionality.

Wow, this thread is old! Come on, Ring!! I searched and searched trying to figure out how to put my chime snooze feature on a schedule, only to realize it doesn’t exist. Crazy! The manual snooze is useful only when you have random events like my husband mowing the lawn, neighbors working in their side yard, etc., but scheduling the chime needs to be a feature here.
In our situation, we have early walkers in our neighborhood and when they walk in front of our house, it casts long shadows across our yard from the rising sun, triggering our ring cameras. I can’t wake up in the middle of the night to snooze the chime in anticipation of early morning alerts. Obviously I don’t want to disable the whole thing, and I’d rather not permanently change my motion detecting zone just for this issue.
PLEASE add a feature to schedule chime snoozing.
***Ring, you need to understand that for everyone person actually coming to this place to make a request, there are HUNDREDS more that don’t even realize they can or don’t bother.

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I am requesting an important feature. Subordinate accounts need the ability to snooze Ring Chimes. Consider the following common scenario:

  1. Main account holder leaves the home i.e. work. Subordinate account holders i.e. family remain at home.

  2. Planned motion activity is occuring in the front of Ring cameras. This is not a reoccuring activity, so it does not fall under the scope of a regular snooze schedule.

  3. The Ring Chime sounds alarms continuously during the planned motion activity.

  4. Subordinate account holders who are still at home get frustrated and bothered by the nuisance Chime alarms.

  5. The main account holder is not available to snooze the chime on behalf of the household.

  6. As a last resort, the people still at home decide to unplug the Chime device.

  7. The purpose of the Chime has been defeated, because legitimate alarms are no longer coming in — since the device has been unplugged.

We need the ability for the main account holder to grant subordinate users Snooze control. This would solve the entire issue.

Similar situation… We want to set up a schedule for which subordinate account is responsible for monitoring. That way we all don’t choose to ignore the motion alert because we assume someone else will take care of it.

I would like to see the ability to silence the Ring Chime on a set schedule. Currently I have to disable all Ring notifications so I don’t get Ring Chime’d at 2 am. If I disable the Ring alerts, and there’s been motion at 2 am, I don’t get any notifications, at all and have to open the app manually to find the motion. That defeats the purporse of push notifications

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Agreed, Chime is so useful, it just needs more features.

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I would like to have the ability to set a schedule on when the chime should be on and off. The story behind is that I do not want the chime to go off in the night. I still would like to get the notification on the phone, but not to wake up the whole house. It would also be cool to change the volume time-based.

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The Chime devices should have a schedule feature in the app. Its to inconvenient to “snooze” a Chime device everyday, several times each day. A scheduling feature in the app would work so well. I have found that installing a chime in the attic near the gable vent notifies the intruder (audible) that they have activated the motion detection of a video camera. As a result they move on. Having a schedule feature would allow the silencing of the Chime during the day, when Im home.

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Great idea.

I’d very much welcome a Device Schedule for the Chime Pro.

My use case is slightly different to yours, @Drunkslayer .

It would be handy to schedule turning off the chime early morning when my partner leaves for work so it doesn’t wake the kids when she opens our front door. I always forget to snooze the Chime!

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