Schedule for Chime and Chime Pro

Please add a Chime snooze schedule to silence chimes. I still want to receive motion alerts on my phone app, but my elderly parents can’t sleep when chimes sound during the night.


+1. I don’t want the Chime to ring during the day when I’m on videocalls/etc., but I do want to hear an alert in the middle of the night. I was excited to learn about the Chime because I keep my phone in DND mode at night, which squelches Ring alerts. But, I’m not great at remembering to do something manually every day, nor (imo) should I need to… I’d much prefer the ability to schedule sounds or silence. Thanks–

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Also add option to modes, home = existing in-house original doorbell chime will sound. away = in-house chime is not used. We have a dog who is very annoyed by the chime and if we are not home, there is no reason for it to make a sound. There is already an option for this but its not linked to modes or to any schedule. Its just a manual settings. Video Doorbell 3.

Dear Ring, It would be wonderful if you would add an option to SCHEDULE the chime to snooze for the doorbell. Sometimes our postal worker rings the doorbell earlier that we would like and I would rather not be woken up. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Adding my request for a chime snooze schedule to this thread. I’d like to snooze motion sensors in my backyard during the night, so that a raccoon wandering through my yard doesn’t wake me up from a deep sleep. It’s a lot to manually snooze the chime every night.

The CHIMES are useless as a notification device. They are currently only good as a way to hear the door bell in different rooms. The integration is almost no existent. If you want to silence a CAMS notification, the snooze will stop alerts to your phone but will still trigger the Chimes. You have to manually, schedule a temporary delay for each chime.

They need to have a schedule that is controlled when other notifications are turned off and on.

Until then, I have to unlink the chimes from camera due to false alarms during the night (Animals, yes I am in people mode, it still triggers on small dears and even rabbits).

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Okay, doing some further testing. Only a few minutes into it and using the Motion Schedule feature for each cam. It seems that when I suppress notifications based on a schedule, it also mutes the Chime alerting… I will update if this is true and consistent. I need to test over a long period because the changed made in the app seem to be slow to activate.

If so, this would be great. I just have to wait for a dedicated Chime Snooze feature.

We shouldn’t need to compromise security for the simple convenience of a quiet home. Motion alerts on my phone are almost always welcome, so it’s really essential that Chime can manage its own activity discretely.

Voted for this - I want to schedule Chime / chime pro to be silent if someone rings the doorbell during times my baby regularly naps. During those times a phone alert is fine.

Without the ability to have regularly schedules snooze periods, the chimes are useless since it’s easier to just have them silent all the time. The result is missing people at the door sometimes if we’re not by our phone when they ring the bell.

It’s a simple software fix since this functionality is present for other RING devices, please add it to the chime & chime pro!


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I’m waiting for this to buy a second device for the room I use to WFH.

The room is next to my son’s bedroom so I wouldn’t want for it to ring when he’s asleep.

Yes please add the ability the schedule the chime alerts. Currently I have to sleep the motion detection which quite frankly is a compromise on the security the video bell offers. It’s a pain to have to remember to snooze the chime. Surely it can’t be that difficult to provide a schedule for the chime.

Bump on this thread. It really would be amazing if you could schedule chimes to snooze between a period of time. Example: through the night

How is this not an option yet…?

Low hanging fruit, easy to create this option. Just do it please. :slight_smile:

Just installed my brand new Ring but this really disappointed me.

I have 2 chimes 1x downstairs and 1x upstairs. I would love to be able to snooze the one upstairs between certain hours (I.e. night time) so it doesn’t wake the kids when someone rings in the evening.

I have a similar need. One chime that rings and chimes on motion detection is near the master bedroom. Having the ability to schedle at least the motion detection chime to not operate at night would prevent being awakend by squirels, possums and cats.

We have little ones that we put to bed around 7 but often we are getting packages delivered until 9 or 10. It would be really useful to turn schedule the door chime to be turned off for a specific time of day

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This is probably a feature that almost everyone with a Chime would appreciate.

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It should be a feature of the ring app to set a schedule for chime in order to prevent it from sounding between times set by the user.

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Also found a similar one with more votes: Chime snooze schedule - #5 by Tbrean

I wake my husband every morning when I go to work. I need a way to snooze motion alerts on a schedule. Turning off the chime completely is not a good suggestion (as it is a feature I’m paying for and useful for knowing when a delivery arrives.) Remembering to snooze it every morning is just one more task to pile on my routine.