Save multiple Mode configurations

Ring needs to add a way to save multiple setting configurations for Modes.

For example, when I go to sleep, I want my kitchen motion sensor to trigger an alarm, and I want my indoor camera to detect motion and record.

But when I am at home in the evening prior to going to sleep, I just want perimeter sensors (doors and windows) active, and the camera disabled.

I understand why Ring wants to keep the Modes to a simple set of 3. And I am fine with editing my Home mode when I go to sleep. But having to change the settings for all the devices individually is getting tiresome, and I have only owned this system for less than a week.

The app just needs to have a way to save Mode settings as a set, and allow us to easily switch between them.

There are many threads here asking for a “Sleep Mode”, and my suggestion would satisfy all of those needs with a software change, and nothing that needs to overhaul the way the system already works.

Perhaps I am saying the same thing here. I would like to see more than three modes (currently only one per arming level). Perhaps something like Disarmed #1, #2, Home #1, etc., with customizable names. In my case this would be particularly useful with video recording. It would enable turning multiple cameras on or off at once without changing the arming level of the security system. At present I have to disable motion detection one camera at a time which is burdensome. As an example I might like to turn off cameras facing a certain direction outdoors or in certain rooms when family activities are in progress. The usefulness of such a feature would extend to other components and features besides cameras and video recording.

Hi gc22 & jgsel
What if you set your home mode in the way you want prior to going to bed, then when you go to bed set the away mode as the other way you like. I have posted a request for camera notification schedules to be added to the mode settings which is kind of like some of the things I see hear. I do the same thing when I get to the cottage. I disarm, then have to go to each camera and manually enable my camera notification sleep schedule for each camera while I’m there so I don’t keep getting notifications while I’m walking around the yard doing stuff. Then I have to remember to turn off those camera sleep schedules when I leave so I get notifications again. Needs to be a little more flexibility for each of our and others needs as everyone has different requirements.