Samsung Galaxy A 10 E ? Ring Video doorbell 1

Before Ring Desided to update the ring App To This New Version I Was Able To Vew The Live Vew With Little Amount Of Problems Now When I Use The Live Vew My Phone Says The Ring App Has Stopped Responding . Also If I Tap On The Gear On The Top Right It Takes Me Back To The Original Settings But At Times It Freezes To The Point I Have To Hit The Three Slashes The Phone Gives To Clear All The Apps And Then I’ll Go Back To See If It Works please ?Fix Your App

It’s not the app. The app works fine. You’re the first I’ve seen that’s had this issue. I would uninstall the Ring app on your phone, then restart the phone. Then reinstall the app. It should be fine then.

Samsung support has determined its the app not my phone I have done all trouble shooting as far as resetting phone data you name it I have done it so yes it’s the new ring app Version

If it’s my phone then tell me why everything works but the ring app

I have deleted the app and reinstalled it thanks

I deleted the app reinstalled it reset the phone and samething

If it still does the same thing you can post here. This is the thread for the Ring App.

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Your best bet would be to call support @Sebastian3246

Yeah thanks for the reply but I have called ring support

Ring support is not knowledgeable in this situation