Samsung Fridge notifications

Hi, We just got our new Samsung smart fridge. Ring app was preinstalled and we have also set it up. I am having 2 issues (not sure if these are related).

  1. if a motion is detected, the fridge will not play any sound (like on our phones) or announce (like on echo show) or even light up the screen. When I open the app on the fridge, I can see the event is there and also the status on smart things app is updated. It works fine when the doorbell is pressed.
  2. The time it says the event happened is exactly 1 Hour behind. It gets corrected once we close and reopen the app but for every event this is the case. The fridge time is correct though

Hi @ob. Can you try to uninstall the Ring App from the fridge, reboot the fridge if that is possible, and then reinstall the Ring App? This is the troubleshooting step that is recommended for notification concerns on regular devices like a smartphone or tablet, so I’d give that a try for the fridge if possible to see if that resolves these concerns.

I’m having the same issue. Unfortunately the ring app cannot be uninstalled from the refrigerator hub. I did try rebooting the refrigerator, clear cache for Ring app and didn’t solve the issue with motion notification. Does anyone have any other suggestions?