Samsung Frame + Alexa To Show Ring Camera Only Shows For A Second

Hi all,

I have successfully linked Alexa to my Samsung Smart TV (The Frame), it has the Alexa connected and vice versa. Alexa has the Ring skill enabled. I was able to ask Alexa on my TV to view my Ring cameras a few months ago, but now it only previews for a second. I made sure all my apps are updated, and even disabled / reenabled the Ring skill. This did not help at all.
Does anyone have any other tips or suggestions?

(Yes, I did turn on and off the TV again).

Hi @Huangr. Is this integration happening from an app on your TV? Is this a Ring app or Alexa app? Typically, any apps on any Samsung devices are designed and maintained by the Samsung team. I would suggest following up with them to address this concern.

Thanks for the reply!
This is the Alexa with Samsung integration.
I will reach out to them for support.

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Hi, Same problem but just different model Samsung tv.
Tv has Alexa built in , and I have SmartThings app, Alexa, Ring Apps . Ring pro doorbell, and Echo shows.
Had it set up so pic automatically shows on tv as soon as doorbell detects motion. It used to work fine until a few weeks ago, now it seems as you describe. Doorbell Detects motion, Alexa announces on Echo show, Pic starts to load on tv but… Either just shows black interface with the “back” icon showing in bottom left corner and ( no pic, but when windy, can hear sound coming from doorbell on tv) or… Pic loads , but only for a split second, then reverts back to black interface, with sound only.
Updated tv , reset router, disabled/enabled skill, reset doorbell. etc. BTW. Also have smart remote with integral mic, and same have problem when asking Alexa manually to… "show Front door on samsung tv " . I have a feeling Ring will blame Samsung, and Samsung will blame Ring. Meanwhile… No idea what to try next.

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