Samsung Family Hub / Smart Things


I recenetly pruchsed a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator which has the Ring App pre-installed. I can also access through the Smartthings App. The issue I have is that the Smartthings App only shows the doorbell (Ring 2.0). I would also like to access the stick up cams through the Smarthings App on the fridge - is this possible?



Please can you confirm if you got the doorbell (Ring 2.0) to work with the fridge?


I’m having trouble with my Family Hub / SmartThings on my refrigerator. It was working previously until the updates were installed a few months ago. I am still trying to contact Ring Agents with my trouble ticket for a fix since last week.

Yes - my Ring Doorbell 2.0 displays on my samsung fridge

Thanks for replying. Does it keep your login information to respond to your doorbell activated by a person? Mines doesn’t for some resaon.

Yes, it keeps it logged in. I am not sure how I made this happen or even if I did anything to make it work that way so I cant help with that… Sorry.

I still haven’t seen anything about my orginal question of getting the balance of my Ring cameras onto the Samsung Family Hub Fridge Ring App. Anyone know if this can happen? And, if so, how?

I have the same problem, mine was working good, if someone was at the front door and activate the ring, it pop up on the fridge window. I saw the app logged off, so I try to log in, it ask for verification code, I enter it and it works. but it works for a few minutes and then it gets desconected and if I want to log in, it asks again for the verification code. It used to work great before the update.

That’s exactly right, RBA. Ring said they have an update coming this June 2020. Let’s see what happens to correct this shared issue we have been experiencing.

Just got my Stick up camera. Same problem, the door bell is found, but the Stick up camera isn’t recognized through Smart Things. The camera did update before being found through the Ring app; I’m not sure if this was suppressed to be the new firmware update to fix this problem?