Safety Reports Are Not To Be Trusted

Today I went into the app Ring and I was looking at the Neighbors functionality. There I saw a pretty line graph and radius buttons that I could click on to show me how many safety indigents we’re generated this past week and weeks before. One would think, be alarmed, be frightened to see72 incidents in their neighborhood last week, 68 the week before that. Oh my God it’s anarchy. And 3 violent in the neighborhood! Oh I have to buy bars for the windows!!! NONE OF THAT INFORMATION HAS BEEN VETTED AS TRUE. WHEN I FOUND AND LOOKED AT WHAT THESE SAFETY INCIDENTS WERE THEY WERE A FIGHT BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. A “violent “ incident with no gun. And a violent incident with a gun they say. All others theft from car they say. Of coarse no one tells the police items were found. And if the police find the items and it’s one person who did half of the incidents, well then it’s normal stuff.
You: No but RING says there were 73 incidents. It’s a crime spree.
Me: No it’s fear mongering so they can sell video cameras and video door bells using exaggerated information.

Municipalities should sue RING for spreading disinformation and causing panic with the safety reports.