Safe to Throw Away Empty Boxes As-Is?

I am overly paranoid about stuff. I know that the packaging for all the Ring products has the serial number and mac address on the outside.

Can this stuff come back to bite me? I know generally that Mac Addresses are innocuous enough and can’t be used maliciously, but I’m not sure if there is anything else on the packaging that could be used.

Thanks for setting my mind at ease :slight_smile:

@ncm222 , I’m not so sure about the worryig over the MAC Addresses, used in a malicious manner. But, I used scissors to remove those box labels too, because I wanted to save/store them.

I figured that someday I might need that printed information in the future. Some box cover’s include the QR Code. Then, if you ever need to repeat a set-up on a device, it is much easier to scan the saved-box QR code, than scan the smaller QR Code on the actual device. Video devices also come with an enclosed paper with the QR Code too. And, plus you always can manually enter the information if you are unable to successfully scan.


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