Rude neighbors

There are rude neighbors that cause fighting in posts so I report them everytime I see them. I’m wondering if reporting them is actually doing anything? I still see them comment the same things over and over again on different posts. They are extremely rude and have no business being able to comment on the app if they are going to act like this.

Hey @Charlottes_web! This is not at all the experience we want for our neighbors. You are able to flag comments or posts you deem as inappropriate, or are not following our Community Guidelines. Once flagged, the comment or post should eventually disappear from your local feed after being sent to our moderation team for review and being deemed inappropriate. In addition, if you see this repeat behavior, you can reach out That email will get you directly in touch with our moderation team for the Neighbor’s app, and please know that it may take 48-72 hours before receiving a response. :slight_smile: