RTSP protocol for Ring devices?

Received a Ring Doorbell 3 as a Christmas present, very pleased with such a thoughtful present. Set it up, installed it using the existing wiring, yay works a treat. So to connect it to my CCTV network… fired up ONVIF, couldn’t find the doorbell, strange thought I - until reading this thread.

I am now disappointed.

If RTSP was enabled, so few people set up their own security systems the loss in subscription revenue would be tiny, and extra product sales would probably more than make up for it. IMHO

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Just a shame that RTSP isn’t supported. Ring simply is a “don’t buy” choose for many customers.


Ring must allow offline cam viewing on the LAN in the event the internet is down. This is a basic safety feature. Let’s see some of that customer obsession and prioritize this feature request. It would earn a lot of trust from the community and show the world how Ring can think big. Dive deep into that code and fix this Ring! There’s no room for you to disagree so just commit, you know I’m right. BASIC safety…

Yup! I too think RTSP capability is needed for all Ring cameras.

I’ve given up waiting for RTSP. It’s never going to happen. Ring’s business model is milking people for their cloud subscription fees regardless of how poorly their inefficient and flawed system design is. Forcing people to connect to a camera that is on their own network via an external server that is only accessible while they have an internet connection is nuts. And also a CCTV system that does not provide 24/7 recording is mental. I feel like a mug for falling for it in the first place.

I finally ripped out all my ring equipment today and replaced it all with IP Cameras, an Amcrest AD110 RTSP enabled doorbell and Blue Iris. The picture quality may not be quite as good on the doorbell being only 1080p, but the IP cams at half the price of the stick up cams blow their picture quality out of the water, and for half the price. No more spinning circles while waiting to view a camera, everything is instant. All cameras record 24/7 to a local server and the alert and subsequent answer from the doorbell is almost instant. By the time the Ring app has loaded the Amcrest has answered the doorbell press and you’re talking to the person at the door. I knew the Ring doorbell was bad, but never quite realised just how bad until now.

Never again.

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I’ve just set up this doorbell. It does indeed support RTSP and connected to Blue Iris without issue. Works great. Picture quality is not quite as good as the Ring Doorbell pro but it’s not too bad. Certainly not enough to dissuade me from switching. Instantly viewing who is at the door and realtime notifications with 24/7 recording make it a no brainer to switch.


I would be happy to pay the subscription fee if that would enable RTSP streaming.

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I would also like to see RTSP support as part of the subscription. Having the ability to use the cameras with no internet connection is vital to a home security system and it’s honestly been on my mind.

I’ve been in serious debate about buying more Ring devices or switching to IP cams that I can more easily capture events when there is no internet connection.

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Can you give us some ideas on your setting in Blue Iris for talking with the ring doorbell?

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Ill give a bump on this, i have a few sites and it would be nice to be able to connect to an RTSP stream.

Bumping this thread too. I hate to say it but It’s been 4 years I don’t think they care to add it. Profits above all else.

RTSP is not official supportet but it is possible. Google is your ticket to the right forum. I don’t think that you find a better product. End of topic…

You’re thinking of some other camera. Ring does not have a publicly known RTSP url.

still nothing on this? Is this really true this will hurt their business! something as simple and any cheap camera support but here nothing

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