RTSP protocol for Ring devices?

Any plan to enable the RTSP protocol on Ring Doorbells and Cameras? That’s a standard streaming protocol for security cams that will enable Ring devices to work with 3rd party software like Blue Iris.


I’d also like that.


RTSP is indeed the predominant protocol used by IP CCTV cameras - that is what might be regarded as professional grade CCTV equipment. However it seems consumer or ‘smart home’ cameras more typically use HLS that is HTTPS Live Streaming instead.

For example Netatmo use HLS on their indoor, outdoor and smart doorbell cameras. I believe NetGear Arlo might support both, I have seen a comment saying it (now) supports RTSP but that stream is encrypted. The fact NetGear Arlo now supports HomeKit suggests it also supports HLS since that is what HomeKit supports.

So support for both protocols would be preferable.

For what its worth the app ‘SecuritySpy’ for Mac only supports RTSP and not HLS. :cry:

Also it seems older or simpler cameras may still only support MJPEG which as far as I am aware does not support audio.

I believe the Ring doorbells support SIP and the Ring Stickup Camera uses MJPEG.

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I also need that for Blue Iris integration


Same for me. My $34. Wyze pan cams have RTSP firmware that can be loaded and provides my Blue Iris with a stream. which works exceptionally well.


Hey Neighbors! Thank you for your feedback on this. I will make sure to pass on the ideas to the appropriate team. In the meantime, you can learn more about the protocols and ports we do use here! Thanks for helping making our community great. :smiley_cat:


Until Ring allows RTSP so I can use my Ring with my Blue Iris software, I will NOT recommend the Ring to anyone. I will tell everyone they should buy one of the other brands of door bell cameras that allow RTSP and work with DVRs including Blue Iris software. I would not have bought my Ring 2 doorbell/camera if I knew it was so locked down and non-compatible.


Ive got 5 wyze cams going now with blue iris. Local internal storage! Yeah! I’ve tapped into all of them with rtsp. It’d be really cool to see who’s at the doorbell with blue iris too!!

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Have you had luck long term with Wyze and RTSP with Blue Iris? I kept having them disconnect.

The cams with the weaker wifi signal do drop there connections. I have upgraded my wifi network with a medium duty router and that helped. I then took my old linksys router and used that as an extender. That helped… I do have plans to expand my wifi network with a tp-link extender. RING/AMAZON - LET ME TAP INTO THE RSTP STREAM WITH MY SYSTEM PLEASE!!!

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Ok thanks. It’s weird mine would drop connection every couple of hours. It wasn’t the wifi signal though. I have terrific signal throughout my house. Blue Iris would have an error and wouldn’t be able to stream the wyze again until I rebooted the camera. I spoke to wyze and basically they just said their rtsp isn’t recommended and isn’t supported and I should flash back to the original firmware.

Mine have been rock solid, connection wise. what version of BI and firmware on Wyze ?

I think Ring doesn’t want to loose market share, those clients hooking up their Ring cameras to their own NVR’s and not paying Ring for their ‘cloud’ storage.

Probably the best to do is educate potential buyers of the shortcomings of Rings, sterling them somewhere else; that’s the only pressure Ring will listen to.



Make the RTSP stream available for those that pay the monthly fee. Problem solved of lost revenue.

I am not buying any further Ring devices until this happens. There are too many other options out there that allow flexibility.


I agree. Makes zero sense. When they already don’t worry about our security. At least let us have something. I already got rid of my ring doorbell and switched to nest (since they do have an rtsp feed that can be used). I only have the security camera and security system left now.



@Stoodo wrote:

Make the RTSP stream available for those that pay the monthly fee. Problem solved of lost revenue.

My thoughts exactly.


Agreed. In fact I’ve been advising people against Ring ever since the first (and only) Ring camera I purchased. I was in disbelief that such an expensive product – relative to generic onvif cameras – actively seek to block you from accessing your camera stream outside of their cloud. If Amazon open up RTSP I will look at purchasing further products and revisit my opinion about them, until then I will vote with my wallet… elsewhere.


AGREED! i will never buy a ring again.

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I might even get rid of my current Ring Doorbell and buy another brand if RTSP support isn’t added.

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