My RSSI is showing 0 and firmware showing unknown??? But I am connected to internet why is this??? I’ve update app turned of phone and reset router???

I’ve had the same issue since this evening.

I was not receiving any notifications at all. I had to reset both my ring doorbell and stick up cam and they are now working but it still says the RSSI is 0?!

Hello from ‘across the pond’ in the USA ,

I didn’t realize that the big Ring outage affected you guys over there in the UK also, like it has here in North America. The issues you are describing have also been occurring here as a result.

Occasionally, someone calls into Ring Support here, and although some of us are fully restored, many others are not, or only partially. :frowning:

Here’s one of the many posts threads from over here:

Hopefully this rare weird occurrence will be fixed soon.

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