RSSI Level

What should the RSSI level be on doorbell and video cameras

Hi @Loey. The RSSI number on the Device Health page should be green, yellow, or red in color to indicate the strength of the signal. A red number means the signal is weak, while a green number means the signal is strong. You can learn more about wifi signal strength and how to improve it here.

Thank you Caitlyn. However I cannot see any colours . Where do I find this? I just see for instance RSSI 68? I don’t know if this is good or bad. Does the higher a number mean there is a good signal?

Hi Caitlin, I finally understand the RSSI . Thank you so much. We have a new Wi-Fi system so the RING is now working perfectly. We also have been using Chime Pros for years but I can’t get them connected. Won’t need so many now because of the new Wi-Fi. I purchased one of the plug-in Chimes which appear to be new. Are the Chime Pros defunct?

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@Loey I’m glad to hear your Ring devices are working well now. As a rule of thumb, a higher number, such as RSSI -70 or -80, would be weaker than RSSI -40 or -30. I’m not sure if you mean your Chime Pros are offline in the Ring app or they are not playing alerts from your Doorbell. You can find steps on setting up the Chime Pro and connecting it to your Doorbell or Camera here. Make sure the Chime is plugged into a working power outlet and is within range of your wifi router.

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