RSSI issue on very good wifi

My chime gives a value of 69 and over. If I turn the power off and on again, it seems to work properly for a while. Then it goes to 69 and above. I have a 300+ wifi reception near it on my MESH system. Not sure what to do. Can it be a faulty Chime?

Hi @devdeep. Have you noticed any performance-related concerns with the chime due to the RSSI reading it has? If so, you can find some trips on how to improve RSSI in our Help Center Article here. There may be another device or some type of building material between the Chime and the wifi access point that is causing interference, or certain materials may be reducing the effective range of the wifi as well. I hope the wifi troubleshooting tips in that article are helpful! :slight_smile:

I have a Orbi Mesh system and I find that some devices won’t attach to the nearest access point but the main router which is in my basement. Can you verify which of your access point your Chime is attaching to? Often you can find that info in the Router’s app or web admin interface.

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