RSSI is getting worse with a Chime Pro

I bought a Chime Pro last week because the Ring doorbell 2 had RSSI - 71. When I installed it, it could get around 59~61 but somehow it gets weaker and now “Signal Strength” of Chime Pro is 59 and “Connected Devices” which is the signal strength of doorbell 2 is 67. Why this happens?

The wifi extender functionality of Chime Pro is the best in the market? I mean, is there any other extender stronger than Chime Pro?

RSSI fuctuates. A lot of things can interfer with wifi and those things can come and go.

How far is the Chime Pro from the router?

Do you have a modern router? or an older one?

Based on the forums I think people have mixed results with the Chime Pro extender.

Personally I have an Comcast Xfinity router and I purchased three Xfi pods to create a mesh network. They worked really well - my router is in the back of my house and the camera is in the front on the garage, and it gets a -50 RSSI because I put a Xfi pod in the garage.

I prefer a mesh network over an extender:

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