Rssi connection issues PLEASE HELP!

Hi, I am having issues with the Rssi level on my ring doorbell. The doorbell is no more than 6’ from my router, and I have opened the 2.4ghz connection and turned off smart connect. The Rssi when I bring the doorbell inside and reconnect it is perfect, but as soon as I put it back outside it shoots up to - 77 and higher! We live in a fairly new house, so don’t have thick brick walls. There are no obstructions between the router and the doorbell either.

Any ideas how to rectify this please as we are not getting notifications to our phones until the person has long left the property, even when we are sat at home!

Hi there, @Themannfamily! This RSSI is showing quite a bit of interference despite the router being so close. As you mentioned enabling the 2.4 Ghz wifi frequency, please ensure the Ring device is connecting to that network via the Device Health section of your Ring app. There you can also change the network connection if needed. While brick walls are the toughest for wifi, aluminum siding, or even stucco containing wire within can also interfere with wifi.

With that being said, an exterior wall alone should not be the reason for a -77 RSSI. There could be other factors, such as appliances, metallic objects, or multiple floors that might cause interference. Please also ensure the router is not in an enclosed area or closet. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: