Routine with Alexa for Motion Detection won't work


I’m trying to create a routine that would send an annoucement on my Echo Dot 5 when a motion is detected on my outdoor spotlight cam. Sounds easy, I’ve followed the steps here ; but that does not work for me.

Ring Skill is enabled, all the devices are on the same Wifi network, but nothing. Tried also to configure to receive a notification on my phone when a motion is detected, does not work …

Any clues ?

Many thanks in advance ^^

Hi @ReddishSponge. You can find some troubleshooting steps for the Alexa integration with Ring here. Ensure both the Ring app and Alexa app are updated to the latest versions available, and try unlearning and relearning the Ring Skill in the Alexa app. Then set up a new Routine in the Alexa app to test it out.

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Hello @Caitlyn_Ring,

Thank you for your response.

I’ve followed all the steps, but the routine still doesn’t work. Ring app and Alexa app are updated to their latest versions. I have 4 Stick Up cams, 1 Indoor Cam and 1 Spotlight Plus cam.

I’ve checked all the settings and everything seems ok, I really don’t know why that does not work.

@ReddishSponge The only other thing I would suggest checking is if Motion Announcements are toggled on for the Security Camera. In the Alexa app, navigate to Devices > All Devices > your Ring Camera. You should see an Announcements section, where you can toggle Motion Announcements on and select the Announcement Devices you want Alexa to play an alert on. If that still doesn’t work, I’d recommend checking out Alexa’s Help Center for more assistance.

Has this issue been address? I followed all the steps and cant get the person detected feature on a Ring Camera to successfully trigger an alexa routine. I have Alexa routines set up so then when the cameras detect a person, it is suppose to trigger associated smart light switches to turn.

All the cameras and lights work independently and can be controlled by alexa and the lights are used for other routines connected to Ring (e.g. turn on when there is an associated door sensor opened)…its seems very specific to the person detection feature and not a user or integration issue between Ring/Alexa.

For context too, the ring camera does show “person detected” when I view the camera in the ring app and the alexa app routine activity is showing that a “person was detected” routine was triggered, but the actions in the trigger did not actually take place. So the person detection is taking place, but It seems to be an issue where alexa is not actually doing the action but is able to document all the triggers occurring. Given it takes a little time for Ring to actually process the video to actually see if a person was detected vs just generic motion, is that delay in processing time actually cause the alexa to not actually trigger the event? Given there may be a time delay just wondering if that is causing the issue.

Hi @rjkays. Have you checked that the smart light switches are fully compatible with Alexa and support Alexa Routines? I’m not sure which kind you are using. After checking that, make sure the Ring app and the Alexa app are both fully updated. Then I’d suggest deleting the Alexa Routine completely and setting it back up from scratch. Ensure the Routine isn’t set up to only work during a certain time frame. If the Routine is still not working properly, please follow up with Amazon Alexa’s support to look into this issue further.

Im using all Kasa TP-Link smart switches. In my note I mentioned these switches all work with other aspects of Alexa and other routines I have set up (turn on in response to basic motion detection from my Ring Cameras and when door sensors open from my Ring door sensors)…the issue appears specific to routines that are triggered by the “person detected” Ring camera feature. I have already done all the other troubleshooting of adding/removing skills and routines.

Im happy to follow up with Amazon Alexa support as a next step, but given Ring is owned by Amazon and you are both marketing this integration feature, can you escalate this to the Alexa team internally. Based on this thread as well as this other related one below, it appears to be a bug and not an isolated incident.

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I have exactly the same issue.
I have ring cameras around my house and have set a routine in the Alexa app to switch on lights when the cameras detect motion but it does not work. I have checked the settings as per this thread and deleted and redone the routine but cannot get Alexa to do anything when a motion is detected. This must be a bug with Alexa or Ring