Routine/schedule linked devices

It would be helpful and reduce storage if video recordings to have the feature in the Ring app to schedule when you want motion activated recording on one of your cameras to activate linked device recording.

There are days/times I would like linked devices to be activate, at present it is annoying that I have to manually link and unlink devices several times a day when I have the need for one device to/not to activate recording on linked devices to meet my requirements. If I leave linked devices permanently active, I have way too many recordings listed in the history to review at the end of each day that are not required; if I leave linked devices inactive; I do not obtain recordings from linked devices when they are needed.

The function I’m suggesting would also work well as a IFTTT appellate; I would create an IFTTT to activate linked devices I need to be active when I leave home; and have devices unlink when I arrive home again.