Rotate image for any/all Ring cams in app's device settings

Ready to have your head explode. This feature was removed. In fact I have a Ring stickup camera in us that is mounted upside down with the image flipped. I wonder what would happen if I took it down and tried to install it right side up. It will probably be like this until Ring gets some customer service and gives us this ability again. The must have removed it to sell mounting hardware. Sounded like a good idea to the accountants!!

yes not having this rotate option is ridiculous

How does ring even care about its customers??!! They are still getting their money and monthly subscription yet make us pay extra for a different mount to make the video be “ rotated” for an OUTDOOR camera. Am I to mount it in my driveway ? Otherwise it has to be upside down duh . Is Whoever is in charge of this issue uneducated ? Or they just don’t understand the concept. Or they don’t care? Those are the options. This is crazy for years it’s been a thing yet it’s still 19.99 for a mount that works. Agree with the useless as sold product. Wish I looked at reviews before I bought it! If you can’t add the feature back ok cool then SELL IT WITH THE PROPER MOUNT! Thanks ring for nothing I’ll be going back to my cheaper camera from Walmart. Don’t worry tho I know you won’t miss my money or care enough to make a difference if you did you’d find a resolution! Peace!!


Please make the Ring Stick Up cam have the ability to flip the image so you can mount on a wall or ceiling without having to look at the image upside down.

I realize you make a mount but that is not a good solution - we have the camera mounted - the software should be able to flip the image as this is not a difficult thing to do.

Per this post, there are others having the same issue:

RING - This was requested in 2020 - almost 3 years ago!
Give us the feature already!


Pull your finger out Ring and enable rotation of the image. It’s a very simple fix and you’ve had years to do it.

Hello to all those who finds the need to mount the Ring stick up cam upside down but want a view upright. Here is a ingenuity idea that you think may have been an alternative to Ring’s engineer’s way of thinking. Remove the mounting from the bottom of the stick up cam and super glue it to the top of the cam…position doesn’t matter as you can rotate…pan or twist the pan-tilt mount in any direction you need. Then grab a 16oz bottle of Pace Salsa “yeah the one with the red and yellow top” and use a pair of plyers and mash down one of the four tabs inside the lid and replace it on the bottom of the cam where the mount use to be(to be able to access and change the battery). There you go…all for the price of a jar of 16 oz. Pace Salsa(in case you don’t like salsa) and a tube of superglue.

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Ring Stick up cam rotate fix_IMG_8177

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Alternative method response on 11/20/2023

I have to agree with the numerous posts from others who purchased Ring’s Stick Up Cam Battery outdoor camera. Ring’s indoor Stick Up Cam Battery camera offers the option to flip the video, so it seems like a simple software update to enable this feature on the outdoor Stick Up Cam. I appreciate that Ring wants to sell the Indoor/Outdoor Pan-Tilt Mount for $45, however you could likely sell many more outdoor Stick Up Cam cameras if you enable the flip-video feature. There are many alternative mounting brackets selling for a fraction of your Outdoor Pan-Tilt Mount, so why not offer your existing outdoor-Cam customers the same feature you already offer for your indoor-Cam customers? You would likely reduce the frustration of your existing customers while increasing your CSAT and your NPS score. Thank you for your consideration.

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It’s insane that it’s 2024 and Ring still has not fixed this issue: yea, it’s a bug. I mounted my Ring spotlight cam from my eave and my video is upside down and there is no way to fix it!!! What are you doing with all the money I just spent on my cameras and security system!? I don’t want to chuck it all to goodwill for a superior product when all you need to do is release a software update!!! ChatGPT could do a better job at this and it’s just a dumb ai

Reading the comments I wonder if a class
Action lawsuit would get their attention?!

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January 31st 2024. If I had known this I wouldn’t have bothered buying it. I was already contemplating Eufy but as I have a ring alarm I thought I would stick with it. What a joke.

Yes, it’s February 2024 and Ring Outside cameras still don’t have the ability to rotate. I bought 10 cameras they will all be returned. It’s surprising that after 4 years of customers asking for this basic capability this feature has not been implemented on the external cameras, though available on the internal ones.
Sad !