Ring's ridiculous Neighbors posting rules

Last night a man walked up to my front door at 8:45 pm. My security light came on just as a car drove up the street. He kept walking towards my door until the car passed, then immediately turned away from the camera, dropped to a crouch and followed a wall to the corner where he went behind some bushes and climbed over the short garden wall and disappeared into the dark. ANYONE watching this video would assume he was up to criminal intent and was scared off by the lights. That’s what the police assumed when I called them and they sent an officer to do a full check on the house. RING, however, refuses to post the video and alert to the Neighbors app citing community guidelines. I checked the guidelines and assume the passage in question is the part that says, “Individuals hiding from something or someone (e.g., law enforcement, unmarked car)” are not allowed. Why would any reasonable SECURITY product company exclude sharing this behavior from its customers who are potentially at risk? I would argue this goes almost as far as aiding a criminal if you see a person hiding from the police on your property and do nothing about it. This policy needs to be adjusted as it is rendering the Neighbors events useless for anything but lost dogs.

Hi @user21466. You’ve reached the Ring Community, which is a public peer-to-peer forum where neighbors can interact with one another. Our team here does not have control over which posts are removed on the Neighbors app. If your post on the Neighbors app is removed, you should receive an email about it. I recommend replying to that email to inquire for more information on the removal of your post, as we won’t have any information on the Community team. You can also review the Neighbors Guidelines in our Help Center article here.