Ring's "Customer No Service" Dept

Spent four days, with the techs trying to prove to them what I already knew…One of my Spotlight cams had shot craps. I dealt with Brett first…it must have been his first day on the job. He was from Tennessee and totally clueless. Then it was Maria’s turn…she was good. did a lot of troubleshooting with me . Told me how to reset my camera and wait till dark to see if the camera and lights worked. She said if it didn’t then she would process a replacement. She sent me an email to respond to after I had a chance to see if it worked at night. Well, that night the camera still didn’t work,. I replied to her email that the problem still existed…The email I responded was returned saying Ring doesn’t handle tech support via email any longer. WONDERFUL. So I called tech support AGAIN this morning and a NEW tech wanted to go through the same troubleshooting that the first two techs went through…I told the tech never mind, I was dumping Ring and all of my devices and transitions to Arlo products. He couldn’t care less. A hell of a way to treat a customer that has been with them since the company started.

Hi @GeorgeE. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the Community. Since we aren’t a part of the support team here, this feedback may be better shared with the support team themselves. Additionally, they can still process a replacement for you if you call our support team and reference your previous call. Let them know that you were working with an agent to process a replacement before but you were unable to reply to the email and they should be able to get it taken care of. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

The problem is with the Support team.

How do I remove my comment? I talked to ring today and actually got someone with a brain and can speak English. Replacement is on the way.

@GeorgeE I’m glad to hear one of our support agents were able to get that replacement processed for you, and I appreciate you marking your reply as the solution. If you’d like to, you should be able to delete your post by clicking on the 3 dots at the bottom of your post and you should see a trash can icon that you’ll need to click.