Ring would not disarm after trigering

I have had this issue twice already. I accidentally trigger the alarm in the morning when I forget to disarm it. Alarm goes off but the keypad will not disarm it. Tried multiple times. It took 5-6 tries for it to finally disarm. It works fine if the alarm is not triggered.
This morning I was able to disarm with the phone app but it suddenly started again (seconds) and then I could disarm with keypad. Activity in the base does not show any of this attempts and the keypad has no events at all.
Haven’t any issues in the past. Any suggestions?

Hi @OriolB. Thank you for sharing this concern. I would recommend reaching out to our support team to further investigate this with you. Make sure you request to work with our Ring Alarm team. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

OK. After talking to second level and debugging the answer is that the culprit is the Dome Siren (everything is normal if I take out of the network). Has anybody had this issue resolved? I see a post from Dakster last year (May) but no solution given.