Ring works with chime or phone alert but not both!

We’ve just upgraded our home router. Since then our hardwired 1st generation Ring only works either to ring the internal mechanical chime OR to send rings and alerts to my phone but not both. Every time we reconnect the unit successfully to WiFi it works on my phone but the internal chime stops working, and vice versa. We have done several hard re-sets with no luck. It’s showing battery power on the app where it used to show hardwired and it used to work fine. Any advice?

Hi there, @Caller2021! As long as your Ring device is online and operating it’s motion detection, video connection, mobile device notifications, and in app operations as intended, this is a great sign that your Ring device is working. The next best thing to check will be power and chime kit variables.

Please ensure the chime type in your Ring app is selected properly for the chime kit you have (mechanical/ digital). This can be done by visiting your Ring device in the Ring app, selecting Device Settings, and depending on Doorbell model you will either access general settings or in-home chime type settings to change this.

Next, please check that the chime kit you are using is on the Chime Compatibility list for your Doorbell model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: