Ring with Home Assistant


Im looking into buying some Ring cameras/doorbell but I want to know if its possible to set up Ring devices with Home Assistant or Kerberos to selfhost. I dont want to have my device connected to Ring or to have to pay a subscription.

Anyone knwo if this is possible?

Hi @Vizie. This isn’t a integration that is currently supported. For any of our devices to work, they have to be set up with and controlled by the Ring app. Although the Ring Protect Plan isn’t required, it greatly enhances your Ring experience. I hope this information is helpful.

Yes it is possible to setup ring with home assistant.

Ring can be setup to work with home assistant via the Ring-MQTT add-on and the MQTT (mosquitto) broker.
You can get livestreams from your doorbell, but tbh the real issue with Ring is that its not constant recording. It would be much better if they just supported RTSP streams so the cameras can be recorded 24/7 to a network video recorder.

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