RING Wireless Camera Suggestion

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I had an idea for a new Ring product but have no way to pass it onto anyone. The idea probably is more for the richer people amongst us.

What is Ring were to produce an all round property camera system ? My idea is for a wireless camera or cameras to be on rails that go around the top of a property and the idea is that the user(s) can remotely move the camera(s) along the rails to check 360 degress around their property ?

Good idea or a bit crazy ? If it’s good enough I’d hope for a lifetime of Ring subscription please :smiley:


P.S For my reference is there anywhere to give suggestion to Ring currently ? apart from here ?

Hi @NORRIE3699. Thank you for the suggestion! I have moved your post over to our Feature Request board. You can add product or feature ideas to this board, where other neighbors can comment and add interest. :slight_smile: