Ring Windows App Logs out by itself


I use the Ring Windows app on my PC to get notifications about door bell rings.

I have noticed that the Windows app logs out by itself every 2 weeks or so, and I do not get any notice about this, resulting in me missing doorbell rings. In short, the Windows app results in an unreliable doorbell.

Is Ring able to fix this, once I have set up and logged into the Ring Windows app, it should NEVER logout by itself.

Thank you.

Hi there, @Rage! Depending on activity and system preferences, the Ring app might not behave the same way on your computer as it would the Ring app. While there are many additional options for viewing the Ring app, or even recordings, the Ring app for the mobile device is intended to be the primary and main option for quickest access. Remaining active in the app will keep it logged in. Please also ensure there is not a vpn active. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: