Ring wi-fi network is not recognized

following instructions to re-connect wi-fi with new system but ring wants me to join wi-fi network “Ring-1beb4c” but phone does not recognize this network - how can I correct this?

did you tap “got it” and then join if yes try to factory reset the device, press/hold for 20 seconds and try to re-setup

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yes but it asked to connect to wireless network that i iphone would not recognize - just need to change wireless new name and password but not making it easy - will try re-setup but not optimistic.

ring 1beb4c is a temporary network of your device to let the device to connect to your home network. and since its not working, FR might solve your concern or isolate if its a device issue.

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thanks for the suggestion

Hi @breed88. Just like @lalalala said, that network is the temporary setup network given off by your Ring device. Your phone will connect to this temporarily during the setup process, and then reconnect back to your wifi network afterwards. You can find more troubleshooting steps for the setup process here. I hope this helps!

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