Ring Website

When I go to the activity page on the Ring.com site, I am unable to scroll down to see the options for what device etc. I tried on Google Chrome and Firefox…same issue on both browsers.

Hi neighbor! Confirming this is when you log in on Ring.com? I just tried and I see the device and locations at the top of my screen. I’ll certainly forward this to the appropriate team for further review.

When you get a moment, @ecupirate could you please provide a full screen screenshot?

@jennifer_ring Hi. Yes this only happens on the Activity Page…all other pages on the Ring.com site function normally. Here is a full screen view.

Thank you. Can you please confirm you are not zoomed in on the web browser?

Yes…I am not zoomed in. All other pages on the site scroll just fine. It’s just the activity page.

Also, I can see all my activity just fine if I use my mobile phone and log in via web browser. I only have issues when viewing from my laptop.

I have the team looking into this for you. If you could zoom out on the screen (Control-Minus is the keyboard shortcut) and let me know if that helps that would be great. Appreciate your patience!

You can close this item. I reset my browser and it is scrolling now. Thanks