Ring Website Login Loading Circle Doesn't Stop!

For a few months now I have been noticing the login on the website on my ridiculously fast and reliable internet, is taking quite some time to load. After filling in the name, password, and verification code the replicated “windows loading circle never stopping” begins. At times a browser page refresh will make the circle disappear and our home dashboard loads by sections. Other times it stays rotating continuously and eventually loads after a 4th refresh. I am concerned about security logging into our account on ring.com while this is happening. I have used a VPN with only the same problem occurring. I am mentioning this to the community to see if others are experiencing the same issue and if we can fix this.


Be Safe

Hey @MarvelHeroes. Thanks for coming to the Community to report on this. Do you always have a VPN enabled when viewing Ring.com? Could you capture a screen recording of this to show how long this delay is?