Ring web app logs user out, not fit for purpose

I was disappointed to see that the Ring Desktop app for Mac OS is being scrapped but have been trying to use the web app as a replacement. The problem I’ve been having is that it keeps logging me out after a short time so whenever the doorbell rings I don’t have anywhere near enough time to log in again and open the doorbell camera!

This basically makes the app useless to me - I’m on my computer all day and need to be notified and able to respond to people ringing my doorbell quickly, which is simply not possible with the login timeout that the web app has.

It’s a nice app once you’re in, but sad to say it’s just not fit for purpose as a result of this issue.

I fully understand the need for security etc. so please don’t explain that to me (I’m a software developer myself) but aggressive session timeouts defeat the whole point of the application - this hasn’t been thought through at all.

Is there any plan to solve this issue for the desktop or is Ring essentially a “mobile only” solution now?

If not then PLEASE consider maintaining the current desktop apps to at least provide the basic functionality for us in future.

Note for the development team: if you don’t want to maintain the desktop app UIs, the desktop applications could simply become local token-providers to allow the web app to silently authenticate without requiring the lengthy input of credentials every time?