Ring Wall Light Solar


The Ring Wall Light Solar has a plug (I think a barrel plug) at the back that you can hook a solar panel to. (See below)

The Ring Wall Light Solar can also be connected to an additional Ring Solar Panel. If the Wall Light Solar is in a dark area with little sunlight, the Solar Panel can be attached and installed in an area with more sunlight.

So, I would like to know what I would have to purchase to do this. I would like the most powerful solar panel (5W).

Can I order the super solar panel (5W) for this?

And what plug would I have to buy so that I can connect this solar panel to the Ring Wall Light Solar?


Or will the Super Solar Panel hook directly up to the Wall Light Solar?

Hi @Mike1967. Yes, you can connect a Solar Panel to your Wall Solar Light. The Solar Panel will come with a USB-C to barrel plug adapter that will allow you to connect them together. I hope this helps.