Ring Video Pro not showing up in SmartThings

I can’t get my Ring Video Pro to show in the SmartThings app, I don’t even see it in my list of devices. I have Samsung linked to Ring and Ring is linked to Samsung. As I go through the process, it seems like everything works until the last step. I tell SmartThings what “room” to assign my doorbell to, it says “processing” and then takes me back to the screen where I need to choose what device I am adding. My credentials are all as they should be. I don’t understand what I am missing. Does Ring still work with SmartThings?

I was under the impression that, in SmartThings, I would at least have a screenshot of my camera that I could tap and take me to a live view and use my doorbell ring or motion detection in automations. I can’t even get my device to add! I am beginning to have buyers remorse, I purchased Ring trying to keep all my devices in the SmartThings ecosystem. But, I am starting to doubt this is going to work.

I was to add my Ring Doorbell Pro to the newer version of Smartthings app. I’m trying to remember why I would have done that since I really don’t use Smartthings for much more than just a connection hub. I tend to use Alexa and Ring apps for most of my interaction. I just checked and am able to to see live view. I may have done it cause it allowed me to do routines that uses motion from the Ring doorbell to turn on some Z-Wave connected porch lights.

I would like to even have the option to create automations based on doorbell activties…

Like I said, I can’t for the life of me get it to show up in SmartThings. I can see it in the Alexa app

I’m having the exact same issue! I called ring support and they didnt have an answer for me.

I dont know when this started but now my ring doorbell pro will not show video on smartthings. Also, my Samsung TV will only display the motion notification and not the video. Seems this issue came up after the recent smartthings update…


Hi @BoxerBoss. Some of our neighbors in our Ring Integrations board expressed a similar issue. One neighbor had mentioned this started after the Samsung update so they opted to contact Samsung about this concern. They were told that they (Samsung) were looking into this and will update accordingly.

Same here smh I can’t