Ring Video playback to only show the motion event captured (auto crop playback)

Problem: To see what was captured, typically you have to manually fast forward about 5 seconds and then zoom in to see what was captured. For example, a person or car in the distance walking by (about 5 seconds after the start of the video). As a result, you have to manually zoom in and you have to manually fast forward about 4 to 5 seconds.

Potential solutions: Maybe skip ahead option where the video is already fast forwarded to the majority of the motion… or 1 second before the majority of the motion… and perhaps what is causing the motion is at the largest size in the video… the user can manually playback and see the start of video if desired.

Maybe a ‘motion only view’ were 80% of the ‘no motion happening area’ is cropped out during playback… thus only showing the motion captured and also making it easy to see what happened on your phone by default (automatically zoomed in due to automatic cropping)… the user can zoom out if desired to see all the ‘no motion happening area’ if desired.