Ring Video Doorbell3 Battery Draining in 3 days!


I have a Ring Video Doorbell 3, bought brand new in May 2020. I have three batteries that I alternate between this device and my stick up cam. In the stick up cam the batteries last as expected for literally months at a time.

When initially installed the front door bell battery would last for three weeks to a month at least. In the last month the batteries on the doorbell have begun to drain in between 3 and 4 days! This week I replaced the battery on Wednesday evening and the new battery has lost 20% of its power in less than 24 hours !

I have reviewed all settings and also software and firmware. We live in a quiet cul de sac so the device is not being activated excessively.

Is anyone having similar issues and has anyone any idea how to resolve this because this recharging regime is not sustained or acceptable.

Many thanks, grateful for any tips or advice.

Interesting - I installed a Ring Video Doorbell 8 days ago having charged the battery for about 36 hours. It is now showing 6% charge only. I have just been on my Ring Account and reduced the field of view, the sensitivity and the length of recording.

I have already purchased a second battery which is on charge and will be installed tomorrow. I will then see how long it lasts.

If the battery needs to be replaced / recharged every few weeks then I know what will happen - I will lose the security screw whilst removing / replacing the battery because it is small, Black and “fiddily” to handle. If I drop it then it will be lost forever under a Hydrangea.

Maybe I will have to resort to hard wiring through a transformer. Not easy hence choosing the battery route??