Ring Video Doorbell Wired - chime compatibility/installation

HI I recently bought the Ring Video Doorbell Wired to use with my existing chime. I’ve just opened the chime and it is a Greenbrook DHT01A-C (link to manual here http://www.greenbrook.co.uk/product-pdfs/DHT01A_Instructions.pdf)

First question - I assume this will be compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell as it says it is 10.3V AC ?
Second, in terms of the install I take it i just have to install the jumper cable across point 0 and 2 as per the manual (or the top left and bottom right terminals as shown on my attached photo)?

Many thanks!

Check out the Video Doorbell Wired installation instructions here

You’ll see there is a step that bypasses your chime kit to provide the necessary power to your Video Doorbell Wired. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi can you talk me through how you did this install with yours please mine is the same chime though different maker but exactly the same, thanks in advance.